Message graph visualization

This post contains an interactive visualization of the messaging network of the Iron March (IM) forum. Each circle (node) represents a unique IM user and each line between circles (edge) represents a conversation between those users. The radii of the circles are proportional to the logarithm of the number of posts the user made, and the width of the edges are proportional to the logarithm of the number of messages between the given users. For a full screen version of the visualization, click here.

The visualization was created using the Python package HoloViews with the Bokeh backend, and the graph layout was performed using Gephi, with the Force Atlas 2 algorithm. More details about how the visualization was generated, along with accompanying Python scripts and intermediate files, can be found in my GitHub repository.

Tristan Lee

My name is Tristan Lee, I'm a data science with a background in computational physics. This is my blog that I use to share simulations, visualizations, and analyses. My focus areas include right-wing extremism, social network analysis, and high-performance computing.